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How to Find a Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Finding the right lawyer for your case is difficult.  It is a personal, financial and, more often than not, a business decision, for most people.  From a traffic ticket to a Will people use attorneys to help them navigate a variety of legal scenarios.  Similarly, from Estate Attorneys to Traffic Lawyers, lawyers uses a variety of different avenues to find clients.

The legal market has changed significantly over the past four decades.  Before 1977, virtually no attorneys advertised.  Before 2012, almost no attorneys had a decent website.  While today most attorneys still rely on referrals from other attorneys to build their client base, both attorneys and clients are using the internet to find each other.

As a criminal defense, traffic defense and personal injury firm we regularly check out what potential clients are searching for online for lawyers.  Here are the most common phrases: defense attorney, speeding ticket lawyer, criminal attorney, personal injury lawyer, criminal defense attorney, dui defense lawyers, criminal law lawyer, criminal justice attorney, a criminal defense attorney, criminal defense lawyer, and dui lawyer.

What is also interesting is most of the people using these search terms are using them on their mobile devices, not their computer.  Further, about 50 percent of them are using Google, but the rest use,,, and