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At Fenbert & Associates, we will do everything we can to protect your future. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients resolve misdemeanor and felony charges on the state and federal levels. We want to help you, too.

“Fenbert & Associates saved my life. Richard Fenbert was not just my attorney, he was my friend. Richard fought for me and gave me a new chance at a great life. I can’t thank him enough.”

— Paul D.

“Working with Richard was the best decision I’ve made. Not only was he the only lawyer that picked up his phone on a late Friday evening, he was always on top of my case, and was very knowledgeable. Save your time and money and hire Richard.”

— Angeles A.

“Rich, is my HERO!!

“On a battery charge brought against me for a verbal confrontation I had with a store worker and evidence stacked against me with store edited video footage + one eye witness and even the arresting Police offices in court to testify against me. I thought it was over..!!!

“For my surprise Rich handled the case like a pro and asked the complaining witness the right questions on trial and seamlessly made the complaining witness look like an absolutely liar in the eyes of the presiding Judge. I was charged with battery, criminal trespassing and verbal abusive language. I was found ‘NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES’ against me and I truly believe Rich did an extra ordinary job as an over qualified trial attorney on my criminal case. I couldn’t thank him more..

“I recommend Richard Fenbert & Associates 200%.

“If Rich is your defense Attorney. You are rest assured the complaining side is up against the very best in the State of Illinois!!! Good luck!!”

— Kenneth P.

“RICH DID THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Not only did we get a dismissal, Richard Fenbert was able to get my driving privileges reinstated in just a little over 6 months! ON A REFUSAL TO BLOW!!!!! I didn’t have to take any classes, pay any additional fines/fees, etc. The state decided to refile (bring the charges back up against me), as there was no official judgement entered into the records (a dismissal is not a judgement); once again, Rich was calm, cool, & collected. HE TORE THEM APART!!! Mr. Fenbert represented me with an outstanding sense of integrity & grace & always yielded to my right & wellbeing. The way in which he handled the case was something that you only see in movies! He was so smooth & precise that it took everything in me not to crack a huge smile during the course of my trial. He is a true professional & master of the courts! Wins like this DO NOT happen in Will County, IL. Richard Fenbert is the right choice when seeking professional legal representation to protect the rights of you & your loved ones. I’d choose him 10/10 times, no doubts about it!”

— Joshua R.

“The BEST attorney, highly recommend him. I will be sending anyone I know to him! Just today he beat my case & I was found not guilty for everything!!! l just wanted everyone to know that he’s the best everrrr!!!”

— Natalia C.

“Richard was extremely knowledgeable. He immediately took the time to talk over the phone and meet with me in person to better understand my case and situation. I was extremely stressed out and he calmed me down by explaining his process step-by-step. I would recommend Attorney Fenbert to anyone and will hire him again without any hesitation.”

— Emma D.

“Richard made me feel at ease and comfortable the first time we spoke. He made really good points at trial and the judge agreed with him and found me not guilty.”

— Shadea V.

“Richard was very polite, professional, and accommodating. He was able to help me get my charges dropped and reduced, and it was last minute. Literally day of my court date. Great attorney. Thanks Richard!”

— Dimitrios H.

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Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, you don’t have to go through this alone. With Fenbert & Associates, you can be sure that you will always have an advocate in your corner. We defend against all types of criminal charges — from DUI and traffic matters to violent crimes and financial crimes. For a free consultation, call us in Chicago at 630-917-2051 or complete our contact form. We represent clients throughout Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will and the surrounding counties.