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Impounded Vehicles in Chicago

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | DUI & Traffic Defense |

There are a variety of reasons that your vehicle may be impounded by the City of Chicago. In the past, we have explored how the City generates a lot of revenue through vehicle impoundment by seizing vehicles for violations of the city’s Municipal Codes.

Municipal Code Violations

The City of Chicago may impound your vehicle for violating the following Municipal Codes:

  • Drugs in Vehicle or on Person in Vehicle (MCC 7-24-225)
  • DUI (MCC 7-24-266(a))
  • Prostitution (MCC 8-8-060)
  • Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in Motor Vehicle (MCC 8-20-070)
  • Noise (MCC 9-76-145)
  • False, Stolen, or Altered Temporary Registration Permit (TRP) (MCC 9-80-220)
  • Suspended License (9-80-240)

There are many more. Once your vehicle is seized, it will be towed and impounded in Auto Pound 2 or 6, depending on the location in which the seizure occurred.

How to Retrieve Your Impounded Vehicle

There are three ways to get your vehicle back. 1 – you may pay the fine and pick your vehicle up at one of the auto pounds; 2 – you may request a full hearing with the Department of Administrative Hearings; or 3 – you may request a preliminary hearing with the Department of Administrative Hearings.

If you pay the fine, you may still request a full hearing. Requests must be made within 15 days of the vehicle’s impoundment. A defense attorney can help you decide the best course of action and which type of hearing you should request.

How We Can Help

We can help you decide which type of hearing to request and prepare a defense to prove you were not liable for code violation that resulted in your vehicle being impounded. If you are found “not liable,” you will be given a receipt which can be presented at the auto pound and your vehicle will be returned.

Contact Us About Your Impounded Vehicle

If you have suffered a vehicle impoundment by the City of Chicago, contact an experienced defense attorney who can guide you through the process of getting your vehicle back. Contact Richard at Fenbert & Associates, LLC for a free consultation.