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Federal Prison Release

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Starting today, the Federal Bureau of Prisons will release about 6,000 people convicted and serving time for drug crimes. Only about 1,000 inmates will be released directly from the penitentiary to their homes. In fact, most of the inmates have already left prison and are living in halfway homes or home confinement.

Prisoners being released include 250 from California, 310 from Florida, 260 from Illinois, 95 from Maryland, 100 from Pennsylvania, 163 from Virginia and 35 from Connecticut.

I have blogged and tweeted about the release over the past couple of months. In fact, this is not new news, at all. The Sentencing Commission, an independent agency of the judiciary, voted last year to cut drug sentences by an average of two years. It followed up with a vote to make the reductions retroactive. Up to 46,000 prisoners could be affected by the sentencing reductions, according to the commission. See this press release: Press Release

To determine whether or not you or a loved one qualifies for a reduction in a federal prison sentence it is important to consult an attorney. The reduction applies to a limited number of inmates under certain circumstances. If you would like to read more without consulting an attorney Families Against Mandatory Minimums has a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on this topic: FAMM Frequently Asked Questions

Also, check out this FAQ page: Frequently Asked Questions

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