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Professionals can help defendants to respond to white-collar charges

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Fraud & Financial Crimes |

White-collar criminal charges involve accusations of fraud, embezzlement or other financial crimes. Companies sometimes refer cases to prosecutors. Other times, regulatory authorities indict specific people after an investigation. Those accused of white-collar criminal charges could face either state or federal prosecution. The penalties possible range from incarceration to major financial consequences. People convicted of white-collar crimes may need to pay fines and restitution to any party that suffered provable losses.

When prosecutors bring white-collar criminal charges against someone, they typically have evidence supporting their allegations. Internal financial records are often a major component of the state’s case against someone. Many individuals plead guilty because they worry that the state’s evidence may lead to a conviction. However, there are financial professionals who can sometimes assist those facing white-collar criminal charges.

The state’s analysis is not always accurate

Just because state prosecutors or federal regulatory authorities obtained financial records from a company does not necessarily mean they properly analyzed those records. It is quite easy to misinterpret financial documentation without context. What looks like a crime could actually be a mistake. The situation might potentially involve one person manipulating someone else by having them conduct transactions to obfuscate the trail of evidence. The average person would have a very hard time going over complex financial records to prove but they did not break the law.

A forensic accountant has the skills to potentially achieve what the average person cannot. They can review financial records to find discrepancies. They could potentially track down lost resources and identify the actual recipient of embezzled funds. Their analysis can provide a fresh perspective on evidence that initially seems to implicate the defendant. Forensic accountants are often a key resource for someone facing accusations of financial crimes. Someone aspiring to preserve their professional reputation, freedom and finances when accused of a white-collar criminal offense may require the support of multiple professionals.

An attorney can also be crucial to someone’s protection, as they can advocate calmly on behalf of the defendant and confer with specialists when deciding how to handle the case. In these regards, connecting with the right support may improve someone’s chances of successfully defending against white-collar criminal charges.